The Fifth Element – SMALL MOVIE WORLD

  • The cast is awesome, everybody stands out with their own unique, diverse identities. No matter how large or small a part, all the actors deliver in one way or another and succeed in their given roles, including Bruce Willis as the cheeky smartass, while Milla Jovovich is innocent and impressionable, Ian Holm is anxious and frustrated, Chris Tucker is delightfully over the top, and Gary Oldman is damn near unrecognisable as the amusing, confident villain.
  • Even with the umpteen threads and details thrown in, the plot is just simple and logical enough for the audience to grasp.
  • I noticed that there were story touches quite similar to The Mummy films; both the classic and the Brendan Fraser series; mainly the multiple generations of priests based in Egypt protecting the world from an evil source.
  • I think what has me enjoying The Fifth Element the most is that there’s an outlandish childlike feel to the whole thing. It’s like a mash-up of a comic strip, a Saturday morning cartoon and there’s seemingly even drips and drabs of anime. It’s basically a dumb, mindless barrel of pure, exhilarating awesomeness.
  • The comedy is consistently on top form, the action is a tonne of fun, and there’s even a couple of cool serious scenes; most notably the Diva song sequence which is genuinely lovely and even kind of spine-chilling.
  • It’s tightly edited and extremely well-paced, the film is just a constant blast that flies in. It’s never boring and never feels slow.
  • The set and production design are super ambitious and it looks insanely vibrant; the practical effects are great, and although a lot of the CGI hasn’t aged too well, credit is deserved for the considerable effort.
  • The costume work is distinct and there’s a wide variety of races and species involved.
  • The soundtrack is rocking, especially Little Light Of Love, and I admire subtle details like the cool, spiritual sound cues used when referring to the Supreme Being and the elements.
  • The dark planet is a really weak main threat. There’s not much time dedicated to it, and never at any point is it presenting worry or tension.

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