See No Evil, Hear No Evil – SMALL MOVIE WORLD

  • The logical and creative punny title already earns a tonne of points.
  • The plot is simple enough, in fact it’s close to bare bones, with definitely more focus on the gimmick and the comedy above all else as you’d expect, which is reliant if you find it funny, and two thirds of the time it is, although a little hit and miss with not too much that busts the gut.
  • They do repeat a few beats from Stir Crazy, mainly the fact of them being framed for murder and escaping from custody, even the personality traits are similar; Pryor has the attitude, Wilder is nicer and laid back, and the pair work off familiar formulas, which is a double edged sword; they’re good in their traditions, but it’s almost not much new.
  • But with that said, Pryor and Wilder are on great form and return with their usual stellar chemistry.
  • The dialogue is great and natural with a real improvised vibe to it; the arguments especially are brilliant.
  • As for the rest of the cast: Adele’s fine, Captain Braddock is a standard angry police captain, Gatlin’s amusingly sympathetic and chilled, Eve’s alright, Kirgo stands out with a distinct accent, and the chief villain Sutherland is barely developed so there’s not much to be said about him.
  • There’s a lot of wonderful memorable moments; for starters, the interrogation scene is hilarious and Wilder’s naivety is a highlight.
  • I absolute adore the photographer in the police station, who is so over the top but so damn relatable, it’s honestly my favourite moment.
  • The time jokes; 12 o’clock, 10’o clock etc; are clever.
  • The medical conference is juicy and will please those with a seriously childish, immature sense of humour like yours truly.

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