Spies In Disguise – SMALL MOVIE WORLD

  • Will Smith as always is naturally cool and charismatic, the role of Sterling feels a little run of the mill for this point in his career, but then again that’s what makes him suit the character I suppose.
  • Tom Holland is good as Walter; similarly to Smith in his role, he’s a predictably yet natural pick as the awkward geek while carrying an infectious energy and a pure love for what he does.
  • Together, Smith and Holland, despite being basically polar opposites as actors and characters, have such a strong chemistry and their interactions are hands down the highlight of the film.
  • The side cast are just okay for me. Performance-wise they do what’s necessary but there’s not much memorable character-wise.
  • As for Killian, he is such a bland one-note villain, which is immensely disappointing to me especially because besides Vader and maybe the droid, Ben Mendelsohn was the best part of Rogue One as Director Krennic.
  • The concept is straight forward enough and the jokes in connection with it may be at times obvious but they work.
  • The plotline is incredibly standard and so by the numbers, and almost everything you can see coming a mile away with no out of nowhere twists or turns. Even at the end, there’s such a pointless bluff.
  • The design as a whole is very bright, colourful and grabbing, and the animation is slick and quick with the comedic timing on constantly good form.
  • The jokes often land well and the dialogue, especially the back and forth arguments between the two leads, is a joy, and both older and younger viewers can get a kick out of it.
  • Lastly the music isn’t half bad, with a few decent tracks that make a mark of sorts.

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